Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia which is contracted by inhaling
small droplets of water containing the Legionella bacteria. Legionnaires’ disease mainly affects people in ‘high risk’ groups including those over the age of
45, new born babies, smokers, heavy drinkers, those with heart disease and anyone who has a
weakened immune system.

The control of Legionella in rented property is a legal requirement, and duties of care are
placed on Landlords as ‘self-employed persons’. House of Commons Briefing Paper 07307
(October 2015) states:
‘Landlords of residential accommodation have a responsibility to take measures to ensure that
their properties are free from health and safety hazards, this includes taking measures to
combat Legionnaires’ Disease.’

TCS Property Services carries out Legionella Risk Assessments for residential properties.
This will involve To examine hot and cold water system. Measure hot and cold water temperatures at
sentinel outlets. Examine pipework for dead legs. Note any limescale at sentinel outlets.
Look at Water heater.
We will take photographs as evidence and produce the risk assessment report within a few days.
Most residential properties will be low risk and will not require another assessment unless the hot and cold water system is updated in any way.
We provide a Tenant information leaflet so that the tenant is aware of the risk of legionella and gives simple practical advice on how to avoid it.

Legionella Risk Assessment
Flats with up to 2 bathrooms only £84
Houses with up to 2 bathrooms £96
Additional bathroom £10 per bathroom
Central London properties may be charged an extra £20 if a ladder is required to access cold water tanks
Appointments outside Greater London are charged as follows
0 to 10 miles is £30
10 to 30 miles is £60
VAT included in above prices at 20%
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