TCS Property Services offers Inventory services to Private Landlords, Property Owners, Tenants and Lettings agents. We have been providing this service since 2011 and have completed hundreds of inventories, check in, check outs and interim reports

We carry out a comprehensive inspection of every part of the property including exterior areas to produce a detailed inventory with photographs, meter readings and schedule of Condition. For Check Outs all are reports include a dilapidations section after the Schedule of condition. Our reports are as follows:

Inventory Report – Inventory Make or Main Inventory Report
This is required before a check in can take place. It’s a comprehensive description and assessment of condition of each room, corridors doors, walls , ceiling, lights, windows and fixtures and fittings. Photographs are taken to support the text. This is normally done a few days before the check in. However we do offer an inventory and check in the same time if required. All photos are date sampled. The inventory will be ready in about 4 days after the inspection. This can be used at the check in with the tenants or alternatively emailed to the tenants who have 7 days to submit any comments after moving in. We will review any comments and send out the final version of the inventory.

Check In Report
Often clients want an inventory clerk to meet the incoming tenants and do a check in using the inventory report done a few days earlier. Using this report any observations are added to the inventory and a check in report is created. Alternatively we can do the inventory survey and photographs 45 minutes before we meet the tenants. We then show the property around to them and do a check in and produce the combined inventory / check in report a few days later.

Check Out Report
This is done at the end of the tenancy. An existing inventory or check in report is always required to compare the condition so that damages can be ascertained. We can do check out using another companies Incoming inventory or check in as well. We will meet the tenants at check out and go through each item in the check in and compare and note the condition at the end. Meter readings are taken and keys can be collected and returned to the landlord or agent. The report will be ready a few days later. Where we see damages we do consider who may be at fault and we do a dilapidations list at the end of after the schedule of condition. The landlord can then use these to levy potential charges against the tenants deposit if damages have been found.

Interim Report
It’s useful to do a property inspection mid tenancy to ensure the property is being kept to a reasonable standard, highlight any potential breaches of the tenancy such as overcrowding, damage to the property. We will inspect every room and produce a report as to the current condition of the property and the performance of the tenants.

Inventory Services
Our prices for Property Inventory services are from Studio to 5 bedrooms. One paper copy of Inventory provided if required. For larger properties please contact us.
Standard Inventory (Furnished House) (2 to 3 bed) £168
Standard Inventory (Unfurnished House) (2 to 3 bed) £144
Standard Inventory (Furnished Flat) (2 to 3 bed) £128
Standard Inventory (Unfurnished Flat) (2 to 3 bed) £120
Standard Inventory (Studio or 1 Bed Flat) £96
Tenant Check In (Existing Inventory Required) £96
Check Out Inventory Studio or 1 Bedroom £96
Check Out Inventory 2 to 3 Bedrooms (Unfurnished) £118
Check Out Inventory 2 to 3 Bedrooms (Furnished) £128
Interim Inspection £96

All prices above relate to Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM
Out of hours work and weekend work will add a surcharge of £20
Client no show or no access or keys not provided on the day there is £20 cancellation fee
Keys can be collected and dropped off free of charge within 1 mile of property. More than 1 mile is a £10 additional charge.
Appointments outside Greater London are charged as follows
0 to 10 miles is £30
10 to 30 miles is £60