Government committee push for more use of EPCs

Government committee push for more use of EPCs
The Committee on Fuel Poverty (CFP), an advisory Non-Departmental Public Body sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), monitors Government’s progress on their 2015 fuel poverty strategy for England and provide independent, expert advice to ensure that the milestones and targets are met. Their 2018 annual report reports progress and sets out recommendations for Government action, most of which stems around the better use of EPCs.

The Government’s fuel poverty strategy includes a statutory fuel poverty target for ‘as many fuel poor households as reasonably practicable to achieve a minimum energy efficiency rating of a Band C by 2030.’ It also has two interim milestones of Band E by 2020 and Band D by 2025. This phased approach follows the principle of prioritising assistance to those in the deepest levels of fuel poverty – ‘worst first’.

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Source: Elmhurst Energy website published 19th November 2018

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